Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Introductory Printmaking Course at FDPW 2011

You can contact course tutor Colin Beaumont at     if you have any questions.

Because there has been an unusually high demand for this course you are advised to send a cheque, as soon as possible,  to avoid disappointment.  

Please make it payable to "Fife Dunfermline Printmakers" 
and post to:

Fife+ Dunfermline Printmakers Workshop
The Basement,
Dell Farquharson Community Centre,
Netherton Broad St.
Dunfermline, Fife,
KY12 7DS

Monday, 14 February 2011

Photopolymer Film for Photo Etch

A message from Green Door Printmaking Studio:

Dear Printmaker,   
Green Door Printmaking Studio have always endorsed and promoted the use of Photopolymer Film in photographic etching to our artists and students.  We are now able to sell this product at an excellent price online!    
Note image above is by 12 year old printmaker/artist Samuel Gratton - thats the youngest printmaker I have ever come across !!                  See more about him HERE
The Uses of Photopolymer Film
Photopolymer Film, otherwise known as Photec, is used by Printmakers in the photopolymer etching techniques promoted by Green Door Printmaking Studio (and other studios like it). 

Photopolymer Film is also used: 
    - in other similar photographic etching techniques, such as Keith Howard's Intaglio - Type
    - by workers in the PCB Industry using plating processes and associated chemicals to produce printed circuit boards (PCBs).  
    - by Jewellers to transfer artwork or designs to metal

Our high resolution film - which is now available for purchase online and in our studio - can be used in all of the above processes. It was previously stocked and sold online by Sally Dyas.
For more information and our prices, please visit:
We are committed to making life easier for printmakers, and this will help you to access a previously hard to come by product. I hope that you will check it out and tell other printmakers who you think might be interested in it. 
Anna Johnson
Creative Director

Green Door Printmaking Studio

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

International Print Exchange Portfolio/ Exhibition - South Korea

Image above is by Mike Stewart  - Monotype for "Loose Ends"

The International Print Exchange South Korea,  is going to be the first print exchange based in South Korea with hopes of gathering an international collection of printmakers together to share, network and exhibit work.

The theme for the 2011 exchange will be "divided." 
Artists are to create work related to this theme. As with most themed exhibitions and exchanges, sticking to the theme is not strictly enforced, but is encouraged for the continuity and sophistication of the collection as a whole.
How to Participate:  Artists are to send an edition of 15 prints, using traditional (non-digital/photographic) printmaking techniques. Each of the prints sent must be identical to the others. Each artist will get 13 random mixed prints in return. Two prints from each edition will be held by I.P.E.S.K. to be exhibited in at least one gallery in Seoul, South Korea in the spring of 2011.
An online gallery will also be created with a list of participating artists and images of all the work.
Please contact I.P.E.S.K. via email to confirm participation in the exchange and to be added to the website.  (note: website is very slow to load)

However I.P.E.S.K. also has  a  Facebook page by which means you can keep up to date with developments.
Due date: packages should be postmarked by no later than 

Friday, April 1st 2011

Edition size: 15 identical prints
paper size: 7x7" (17.78cmx17.78cm)

Slip-sheet: yes
labeling: from left to right 

(edition #, title, artist signature)

Theme: "Divided"
An exhibition has already been set up for the Spring schedule, at the Laughing Tree Gallery in Seoul, South Korea
"Future Past" ( from the 'Laughing Tree' exhibition program)
Click link above for further information
Payment must be made via a Paypal account to be set up as the date approaches. A US$ 30 participation fee is required to enter the exchange. This will cover return shipping, curation of exhibits and opening reception expenses.

Packages should be postmarked by Friday April 1st 2011 to coordinator Mike Stewart.
Mike Stewart c/o WSI (IPESK)
Core Building 3rd fl., 13-13 Gwancheol-dong
Jongro-Gu, Seoul, 110-111, South Korea.