Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Artists in Dunfermline

Mary Johnston has been in touch and wanted to let the FDPW membership know about something called CAD.  CAD - has taken over the Glen Gates Gallery from DAM,  and intend running 'gallery days' on  the 1st Saturday of each month.

                                          image from caves in Ardeche, France

The next one is  on 5th Dec from 10am to 4 pm  at the Glen Gates in  Dunfermline. They are inviting artists to take part and show work. 

If anyone is interested could they let us know. It is a good chance to meet other artists, network and promote work.
Check out their web site -  <> for further information.


Printmaking with Carol Robertson and Robert Adam (Week 1 of 4)

Aren't we lucky to have this great opportunity to have two such experienced, knowledgeable and  affable printmakers to share their expertise with us !!  And to have their lovely dog Hugo included in the visit as well !!

Don't know about the rest of you but I was shattered at the end of the day last Saturday and yet I spent most of the time listening watching and occasionally talking ...............BUT......I wasn't the only one.  I did feel inspired though and in fact yesterday and at this very moment  I am working on making some positives for photo etch exposure tomorrow - that's if I get these finished.
Tatiana Campbell  and Anita  Hunter, were also on the case yesterday making positives.  Anita was really going for it with three layers of positives to hopefully use to make  a silkscreen print tomorrow morning at FDPW.  Here's a few photos taken by Steve Ratomski, on the day ( thanks for getting  those to me, Steve).

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Update on Robert Adams and Carol Robertsons Course at FDPW

Master classes by, Carol Robertson and Robert Adam 
They were both classically trained in Scotland and then at the Slade where they met in the 1980s. From that strong base they have used their knowledge and inventiveness to develop systems of printmaking which relate closely to classical theory and practice, allow artists to realize their concepts, and make the widest range of marks and effects in the safest and easiest ways possible. The systems make use of modern and classical materials and working methods.
They developed, tested and validated these new systems by collaborating with a wide range of artists. These include Paolozzi, Barns-Graham, Ogilvie, Callander, Rae, Clark, Crowe, Miles, Schmidt, Diethelm and Downie.
In order to make these ways of working available to as many artists as possible worldwide they worked with Evans Vanodine, Lascaux and other professionals to develop modern products and systems. The eighteen innovative printmaking products that they have created in collaboration with Lascaux, Zurich are available from Graphic Chemical (USA), Polymetaal (Holland) , A. P. Fitzpatrick, London, or Intaglio Printmakers, London.
Black Geo      Collagraph print       Sheila Ogilvie
Carol Robertson and Robert Adam share their research and knowledge through the two books they wrote and illustrated which are published by Thames & Hudson, available through
One is about screenprinting with water-based artists materials and how to work creatively in a safe way.  The other book is about intaglio printmaking techniques such as engraving, mezzotint, drypoint, air abrading, etching, collagraphy and combined techniques, again with an emphasis on non toxic printmaking practice.
Both books also explain how to make photographic, digital, photocopy and autographic positives which can be used in conjunction with light-sensitive processes in screenprinting, etching, air abrading, and collagraphy. The two books,  also cover the history, monotyping, collating etc.
Carol has just completed writing a PhD which explains the concepts and research behind the books, again with the aim to share this information with other artists.

C O  U R S E
In each of the workshops the theory and practice relating to the new systems will be explained and demonstrated. The sessions will also provide an opportunity to ask questions about the theories, materials, methods, and ways of starting to work in these ways, realizing concepts and reasons for change. 
The four sessions are designed to work together. The idea is that after each session artists can explore the subject in their own time before the next session and the following session will provide an opportunity to discuss results and experiences.   For example positives can be made after the session on the 14th and these can be used in combination with the information provided in the following sessions. The sessions will be filmed and extracts used as education material.

Making autographic positives.
Saturday 14th November,  10 – 4. 
Make autographic and combination positives for screenprinting, etching, or collagraphy. Use the new materials which were inspired by Corot and Millet’s cliché verres, soft ground collage effects, the sugar lift’s of Picasso, Chagall, and Rouault etchings (made using autographic positives), the etched relief lines of William Blake, monotyping marks, and the reticulated washes of stone and zinc lithography, etc. Combine digital, photographic and photocopy positives and learn how to make and use image ‘maps’.
NOTE There will be a Master class on 'photo etching' (2 sessions) in February 2010 (next year).  These will be lead by Paul Musgrove, who has been recommended by Alfons Bytautas, senior etching technician at Edinburgh Print workshop.
Screen Printing.
Saturday November 28th,  10 – 4. 
Screenprinting with gouaches, acrylics, watercolours, process colours, organic pigment pastes, pigments and a range of artists materials such as varnishes, thickener, retarders and screenprinting paste. Using stencils to the maximum, washes with filler and using screen painting fluid, different types of paper stencil, light sensitive stencils and reversals. Preparing and degreasing screens, applying stencils, cross-linking theory, registration and printing on different substrates, cleaning meshes will also be covered.

Saturday December 5th,  10 – 4.
Making collagraphs, photo collagraphs and combined media plates using acrylic media and light sensitive media. Exploring how to make printed effects that are more normally associated with aquatint, open bite, hard ground, painting and soft ground etching. Preparing and degreasing plates, applying media, editing and working into the added media, removing media using a household cleaner, and printing and cleaning plates will also be covered.

Acrylic-resist Etching
Saturday December 12th,  10 – 4.
Using acrylic resists to explore classical etching methods such as linear and the tonal effects of texturing and pitting, traditional methods such as spirit and powder aquatint, stopping-out and light sensitive resists and contemporary methods such as spray aquatint, puncture and additive techniques. Preparing and degreasing plates for resists, applying resists, etching plates using corrosive salts, removing resists using a household cleaner, and printing and cleaning plates will also be covered.


Friday, 6 November 2009

Scottish Artists Union report on "Creative Scotland"

Subject: SAU Report on Creative Scotland, November 2009

October  saw several stages toward the advent of Creative Scotland unfold. For the  second time this year the Scottish Artists Union offers its summary of events  and provides visual and applied artists with essential information on what  lies ahead.
The report can be downloaded  at:

The Public Services  Reform Bill, including measures that will bring Creative Scotland into being,  will be debated at stage 1 of its consideration in the Scottish Parliament on  November 16th. We encourage our members to write to their MSP ahead of the  debate and ask them where they stand on Creative Scotland, reminding them that  the new agency must acknowledge the unique and crucial contribution of visual  and applied artists to Scottish culture and keep their support an utmost  priority.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Peacock Visual Arts............NEEDS YOU !!!!!

Peacock Visual Arts

which incorporates Peacock printmakers workshop is experiencing complicated and critical times. Their "new home" within the newly planned arts centre,  is seriously threatened - please, if you haven't already, sign the petition to help them go ahead with this fantastic new centre. The future of Printmaking in the North East of Scotland is at risk...
Message received from Linsay Croall and the rest of the team at Peacock.  FDPW wishes them every success !!

Arts and Crafts fair at the Stirling Smith Art Gallery

Please click on the image to enlarge

For more details go to

Angela Heidemann will be participating in this event.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Black Church Print Studio Open closing date 14th Nov 2009

Call for submissions—deadline 16 Nov 2009. Black Church Print Studio Open Submission & Invited Exhibition 2010, curated by Oliver Dowling, John Graham & Margaret O'Brien

Exhibition Brief
 "The visible often seems paramount in the workings of human perception, especially in the modern technological world where what we see increasingly dominates the texture of our experience. We might consider the invisible to be the opposite of the visible, or perhaps as a transparent overlapping or hidden substrate of the visible world:

The ‘Invisible' is an open submission exhibition and invites all forms of art and art practice for consideration, including visual, sound, temporal and performance based works. The exhibition will take place in February 2010 and will be sited in several locations around Dublin city.
 Artists are invited to submit proposal-based works and/or existing works. Site-specific proposals may detail a particular site as listed or propose an alternative site. Artists may consider using their own studios and/or sites other than conventional exhibition spaces. Accessibility must be outlined and confirmed in the case of an alternative site being proposed. Artists might also consider restricted accessibility in relation to the context of the work.
Participating venues include Original Print Gallery, Curiosity Cabinet, The Back Loft c/o La Catedral Studios, Digital Hub Development Agency. The Curators may identify additional locations depending on proposals received.

Exhibit at Torpedo Factory Art Centre Dec 2009

This is an exhibition "quickie",  as well as easy. These things are good to do if you just feel in the mood to do some little print works (postcard size). 

Maybe if you haven't shown in a while or if you could do with  adding some shows to your  CV.
If you send one postcard it will cost you 10 dollars (US).    When I have previously submitted prints to exhibitions biennial type events -  I never send cash through my bank because it costs £25.00 to do that kind of transaction,  which I think is utterly EXTORTIONATE   in the context of current electronic communications.

Whereas,  Paypal,  hardly costs anything at all which is something that I wish all of these exhibition 'hosts' would get together.   I'ts not that difficult (duh)  I have taken the step I might add, of suggesting this to some of them
I usually order foreign currency of the country involved and then enclose it in the envelope.  I know there's always a first time...............  but so far (and thats after a fair few years)  - it's usually been OK.
Anyway the torpedo factory is a place based in Alexandria in Virginia.

Please note  the image above is by Laura Huff from the torpedo factory print workshop.
Here's the blurb:

 Going Postal - 2009 Postcard Show
Exhibition Dates: December 3 - December 6, 2009.
Reception: December 3, during TFAC Holiday Open House

Going Postal is a fun 3-day exhibition open to ALL artists with the stipulation that the work must be original art, based on the 4x6” postcard format (Unframed).

 Entry fee is $10 per artwork or 3 for $25, which guarantees entry into the show. 

Download a prospectus for complete details and entry form.

Deadline for Entry (artwork & entry form must be in the gallery): December 1st

For more info go to

Monday, 2 November 2009

Eugen Jarych Monoprint scheduled for 16th and 23 rd Jan 2009

Be sure of a place on this course by signing up asap.  To secure your place, send a cheque in the mail or deliver in person  to the print workshop.  Price will be posted on here  once I have confirmed this.
You could  however e.g.,  send a deposit of £20.