Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Start your Christmas shopping with a visit to Fife Dunfermline Printmakers Workshop, Nethertownbroad Street, Dunfermline on Saturday 1 December and be amazed at the range of unique artworks,  cards and other printed products that you’ll find for sale.  
 Fife+ Dunfermline Printmakers Workshop

The Basement,
Dell Farquharson Community Centre,
Netherton Broad St.
Dunfermline, Fife,
KY12 7DS

The workshop will be open 
from noon until 4pm.

This year visitors will also have the chance to purchase prints from the workshop’s most recent collaborative venture 20:20 Print Exchange.  The initiative started in 2009 as a project between Hot Bed Press in Salford and Red Hot Press in Southampton.  This year the exchange involved 392 artists from 30 print studios from across the UK and Ireland producing a staggering 9,800 prints.  Every artist that takes part is asked to produce an edition of 25 prints and in return they receive a boxed set of 20 randomly selected prints (including their own).   Ten artists from Dunfermline Print Workshop took part.  We’ll be selling off prints from this exchange to raise funds for the workshop.  There are only one of each so first customers get the pick of the bunch.

Chair of the workshop Steve Ratomski said: “We were really pleased to be part of this initiative and hope to exhibit the 20:20 Print Exchange in Dunfermline later in the year.  
In the meantime people can get a preview of the work and buy some original artwork for their home at a very reasonable price.
“I’m also delighted to announce that several of our members are exhibiting in the Royal Scottish Academy’s Open Exhibition taking place in Edinburgh in the run up to Christmas.  This is the most prestigious open-submission exhibition for small works in Scotland and shows the calibre of artist Dunfermline workshop attracts.”

Refreshments will also be on offer including mulled wine and mince pies so make sure you bring your friends and family, and a driver!


Monday, 6 August 2012


Fife Dunfermline Print Workshop is opening its doors to visitors this weekend and next, as part of a new Central Fife Open Studios project to celebrate and recognise the breadth of culture and art in our communities.   The workshop will be open this weekend (11th and 12th August) and the following (18th and 19th) between 12 noon and 4 pm.  It is located in the basement of the Dell Farquharson Community Centre,  Nethertown Broad Street, Dunfermline,  just a short walk from Pittencrieff Park and Dunfermline Town railway station.

The Open Studio event  allows people to visit the studio space normally  open to members of the workshop only and to see first hand the highly specialised printing presses which are used to create etchings, linocuts, screenprints and much more.  As well as seeing the presses, visitors will also have the opportunity to talk to artists about their work and buy very affordable original prints editioned in Dunfermline - screenprints, monoprints, etchings and collographs.

Workshop members and Dunfermline residents; Steve Ratomski and Aine Scannell are also individually,  opening up their own studios as part of this Central Fife Open Studios event.

 Visit their web site links below, for further information

 Steve Ratomski  http://www.steveratomski.co.uk/ 

 Aine Scannell   http://www.ainescannell.com   

For a full list of artists taking part in the Central Fife Open Studios and how to find them go to: 

For further information please contact: Stephen Ratomski on 01383 724050 or 07941 341999

For further information about the Buckhaven Beehive contact Linda Judge on 01592 591248

Monday, 23 April 2012

What to do with all of those reject prints + drawings?

This image is of a hardback accordion format book -it is NOT difficult to make

Well if you have been meaning to do something or other with them then maybe making them into a sketchbook might be an idea or as a  small notebook to give to a friend as a gift.

I received something like this last year from  Angela Heidemann and I really treasure it -  it is a thing of beauty  - too nice to write something in. Angela made this I believe on a artists book course she participated in last year.   Annoyingly I can not locate the photo I took of Angelas book binding which I customized .............and embossed.

Susie Wilson artists books

Please click on the COURSES  tab in the navigation bar at the top of this blog

or have a  LOOK in the courses section for information concerning the forthcoming artists book/ book binding course being taught soon at FDPW by Edinburgh based artist Susie Wilson.

This looks so perfect, doesn't it  - it's called Coptic /link stitch binding.  

Essentially though, its  bundles of folded bits of paper that have been simply stitched together.

Then they have been lined up,  one on top of the other and thereafter  they are kind of 'chain linked' together using stitches.

More info on book art................where to begin?................. .well I had a look around and though that this Squidoo lens put together by an artist called Nicola Joy was rather good.
It has a glossary as well as online tutorials and video links.  It ends with books that she recommends.

The book I have which I find I go to again and again because of its excellent illustrations of the steps involved in the various binding techniques is "Bookworks" by Sue Doggett.  Here's a photo of one of the pages from the book I found on the web - to give you a sense of what I mean.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Gallery on the Fife Dunfermline Printmakers website

This is how it looks at present - pretty good I think BUT it would be good to have  more recent artworks by the membership.  The prints that you have been making since about 2 years ago which is when the images on the site were uploaded.  Members who have work on there at present include

Clare Yarrington                   Peter Kirley           Bill Mc Kechnie               Susan M. C. Smith

Mary Fairgrieve                    Thora Clyne          Colin Beaumont                Sheila Carnduff

I am going to refer to the gallery page of member Angela Heidemann as an example of what is needed for either your new page or your update.

TEXT for your Gallery page

Members are free to put some text onto their gallery page which enables visitors to get a sense of their inspiration, motivation, including e.g.,  technical interests and so on and so forth .  There is also the opportunity to give a brief biography or present a fuller Curriculum Vitae,   if this is what they prefer.

However if you put too much information on your page which probably applies to member Scannells page - then when the visitor goes through to the gallery to see images - unfortunately they are just confronted with a load of text and may not bother scrolling further down the screen....!!

So do bear that in mind -

Now.........I have done a rough calculation and something of the order of

11 to 15 lines of text in a Microsoft Word doc or on an email page at normal reading size is a good 'amount'  to aim for.

IMAGES  for your Gallery page

Please send image files  that are ‘saved for web’ using Photoshop.  You may send up to 10 images. 

These need to be -  72 dpi. (pixels per inch) and saved at medium quality.

Images should be  about 15 cm (height) x 18 cm (width) cm -  or as close as possible to that.
Include title, media, edition (if applicable)

Please send a " list of art works"  either typed directly into  an email 
or saved as a Microsoft Word. doc

File should be named as per the following example 


Below is  an example of how your list of works should be presented:


Aine Scannell                List of works 

No       Title                                 Media                                    Paper size      Image Size        Edition          

1.        Brer Rabbit                       Drypoint on Hahnemuhle             50 x 70 cm     35 x 55 cm        a/p  

           file name:  1_ainescannell_brerrabbit.jpg

2.        Riding Hoods Bad Hair Day   Lithograph + digital chine colle     40 x 40 cm     25 x 25 cm        12

           file name:  1_ainescannell_ridehood_badhair.jpg

PLEASE remember to keep file names saved in lower case  i.e. Do not  use capital letters as this can adversely affect the HTML or CSS computer code that makes the website function.


These can be new ones if you wish to update your images

Or  if you are currently NOT in the gallery then just send up to 10 images.

Send images by 30th May please


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

PrintZero Studios Exchange 8

Print Zero is a USA based, outfit, set up by printmakers Cody and Lane.
I participated in one of their earlier exchanges and am pleased to see that it is still alive and kicking and going from strength to strength.

In a nutshell - to participate

Edition of 15 prints
Paper size 17 x 15 cm approx (see details on website)
25 dollars participation fee for international artists
deadline 1st July 2012

Check Print Zeros website for full details


A4 Printmakers Competit / Exhib UK (clo 30 jun 2012)

The two top photos are intaglio works by Deborah Williams who was one of  last years winners.

The image above is by Anja Percival

To see all the details concerning A4 Printmaking competition which is in its 3rd year now visit

closing date is 30th June 2012

entry is online by uploading jpgs and sending text through by email.
Entry fee payable using Paypal.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Printmakers residency in Ireland (clo 30 Mar 2012)

Black Church Print Studio, Dublin, Ireland

image above by Chadwick Tolley


Deadline: 30 March 2012, 5pm

You need to get your skates on if this opportunity appeals to you !!!

The Black Church Print Studio would like to invite International artists actively engaged or informed by contemporary printmaking practice to apply for a four-week residency in the Black Church Print Studio, Dublin, to take place in July 2012.

Print workshop use and personal accommodation with technical and administrative support are provided to the resident artist.  You need to be able to provide funding for your  return travel to Dublin.

All the printmaking techniques including digital are catered for in terms of facilities at Black Church print studio.

Residents need to be able to give a demonstration and a talk about their work during their 4 week stay.

The studio requires that you donate a print from 2 of the editions you create, during your stay.

The period of the residency is for the month of July 2012

Click HERE for further details

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Screen Print Exhibition opportunity (clo. 30 Mar 2012)


All visual artists/designers/illustrators working with the medium of screen printing. The exhibition aims to celebrate screen printing, offering visual artists/designers working with the medium a platform in which to collectively show their works. Emphasis will be placed on interactive and unusual applications for the process, alongside contemporary imagery in more traditional formats.




Applications from individuals and groups* for larger work, installations and interactive pieces will be considered alongside smaller pieces including unframed 2D work. 
All mediums will be accepted, but all submitted work MUST utilize the screen printing process within the piece. *including arts collectives, organisations and independent print studios/businesses. 
Please download our pdf application package from the Print odyssey blog: printodyssey@live.co.uk


Sunday, 12 February 2012

Print Exchange and Exhibition in Canada

Call for Submissions: The A/P 5th Annual Postcard Exhibition and Exchange.
Each year, the Alberta Printmakers’ Society organizes a hand-made postcard exhibition and exchange in the Artist Proof Gallery. Artists working in all disciplines and backgrounds from around the world are eligible to participate in this non-juried exhibition.

Interested artists are invited to submit 10 original 4” x 6” artworks for display in the Artist Proof Gallery from April 18-21, 2012.

The Artist Proof Gallery will retain 2 pieces from each submission, and each artist will then receive 8 postcards from randomly selected artists in return by mail.

A closing party for the 5th Annual Postcard Exhibition and Exchange will be held on Friday, Apr. 20 at 6:30pm.

Submission deadline: April 11, 2012

For more information please see this LINK and scroll down the page

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Bruges - 13th International Biennial Graphics exhibition

Closing Date for entries is 24th february - you just need to send 'photos' of the prints you wish to be considered.  If your work is
selected - you then send the original artworks to them a couple
of months later.

"We invite you to participate and to promote our 13th biennial competition for graphic art. 

The competition will be followed by a exhibition of the selected works from 7 September 2012 until 6 January 2013 in the ‘Arentshuis’ Municipal Museum of Bruges.

Participants are invited to send a photo dossier of their work to 

Rotariale vzw - p/a H. Maertens, 
Pastoriestraat 41, 
B-8200 Brugge, 

before 24 February 2012 (article 3 of the rules of the biennial graphic art competition).

Artists of works preselected by the jury, will be invited in written before 15 March 2012 to deliver their works.

An international jury will award prizes to three works: a first prize of 2,500 EUR, a second prize of 1,000 EUR and a third prize of 750 EUR. 

The exhibition of the selected works in the Museum Arentshuis is daily open for public from 9:30 till 17:00 h., except on Mondays.

Rotariale vzw will auction or sell the works after the exhibition, as long as the artist has agreed with the sale of his works (article 6 of the rules of the biennial graphic art competition).

The competition rules and further information is to be found on our websitehttp://www.graphicartes.be/ 

download entry form

CLOSING DATE for entries is 24th February 2012

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Monoprint making course with Kate Downie

Fife Dunfermline Printmakers Workshop Schedule 
Monoprinting Masterclasses
Saturday 11th and 18th February 2012

Masterclasses in monoprinting  10.00am – 4.00pm.

FDPW are pleased to be able to offer a two day course in monoprint making,  by renowned artist/printmaker Kate Downie from Edinburgh, who returns with her own special, creativity and enthusiasm to our workshop.
Please see this LINK for photos from the most recent workshop taught by Kate at FDPW
 Her unique vision, energy and expertise will provide two days of memorable printmaking!  She will also be sharing some insight gained from her recent visit to China.

The two masterclasses will introduce you to the special joys of monoprinting in our Dunfermline workshop.  You will also come to appreciate the practical aspects of working with others in our artist led workshop and feel comfortable working in the space.
If you are already familiar with some monoprinting techniques, these two days will provide new and stimulating ways to print as you are introduced to a variety of techniques, some old and some new.
Monoprints:  A “painterly” immediate print medium combining drawing, painting and printmaking to produce unique images.
Cost: £80  (£10 discount for workshop members) £90 (non members) To secure a place you must pay your fee in advance
The cost includes materials, use of presses and tools, inks, cleaning fluids, and paper.
Places will be limited to 8 so reserve your place now!!!!
To book your place please phone FDPW Secretary Aine Scannell (01383727873) or Email her at aine@ainescannell.com 
Please make payment by Monday 6th February  by cheque or cash to 

Fife (Dunfermline) Print Workshop, 
The Basement, 
Dell Farquharson Centre, 
Nethertown Broad Street, 
KY12 7DS

Link below to Kate Downie's portfolio website

Sunday, 8 January 2012

International Print Exchange, theme: MADONNA

Participate in an international print exchange

Theme: Artists are to present images about the Madonna, the Virgin Guadalupe, Mother Mary, Marian subjects, motherhood, nurturing, etc.
Eligible Media: Collograph, Digital/photographic-based, Intaglio, Letter press, Lithography, Monoprint, Relief, Serigraphy,  or any combination of these methods are accepted.

Paper Size:  8 x 11 inches (images may be any size, up to the edge of the total paper size) Please include glassine sheets (also 8 x 11 inches) between each image to assure no offset of images onto each other.

Edition Requirements: 15 prints, Signed and numbered (1/15, 2/15, 3/15...etc.)

Labelling Images: Write (in pencil) artist name, date, title, media on the back lower right corner of each print.

Participation fee: $20 US domestic/$25 international - outside of US. Make checks, money orders payable toTeresa Parker.
Mail Submissions to:
Teresa J. Parker
c/o Ochosi Editions,
P.O. Box 2996,
Glen Ellyn,
IL, 60138-2996

Postmark Deadline: May 1st, 2012
A random selection of  12 prints will be mailed to each participant  - early Summer 2012.
The prints will be exhibited at Benedictine University in Summer 2012, with other venues to follow.
*All prints must conform to the above listed guidelines, otherwise prints will be returned at the artist’s expense.    Ochosi Editions will  not  be responsible for prints lost in the mail, or in transit.

RSVP: Teresa J. Parker at teresajparker@gmail.com by February 1st, 2012http://ochosieditions.blogspot.com/2011/12/call-for-entries-madonna-international.html