Wednesday, 25 September 2013

FDPW at impact 8

above framed works by FDPW members on show in an exhibition within Impact 8

Fife Dunfermline Printmakers were well represented at this recent prestigious event.  Impact is a multi-disciplinary printmaking conference series, that originated at the Centre for Fine Print Research
(University of the West of England)  in 1999, which I attended in Bristol - I also participated in the conference portfolio print exchange.  It is organised in association with the Royal West of England Academy and the Southern Graphics Council, USA.

above framed works by FDPW members on show at the impact 8 exhibition
 left relief print by Peter Kirley, centre- Catherine King and right Thora Clyne

The conference was attended by over 400 delegates from more than 30 countries - with presentations of academic papers, workshops, print process demonstrations, exhibitions and lectures on a multitude of contemporary and historical print practice.

Among the delegates were three very active artist printmakers from Dunfermline, Fife.  Namely FDPW chair: Steve Ratomski,  artist lecturer; Catherine King  (member of FDPW) and printmaker /artists book maker- Aine Scannell  (secretary/member of FDPW).

Photo above shows the FDPW display stand, as part of  Open Folio - Impact 8

Our rich variety of prints in the set were well received at both venues and we have made some valuable contacts as a result.  Participating artists in the folio were, Bill Mc Kechnie, Steve Ratomski, Aine Scannell, Babs Peas, Jai Llewellyn, Clive Ramage, Clare Yarrington  Pete Kirley, Thora Clyne, Sheila Carnduff, Catherine King, Susan Smith and Colin Beaumont. 

Photo above shows the display stand for BookArtObject,  in the artists books exhibition area

Aine Scannell's work was represented in other projects on the impact 8 program, including Sara Bowen's talk and exhibition about  BookArtObject  (an international collaborative artists books edition exchange programme ).  Her work was chosen by Sara for display in a selection of books from the 100 stories project.

 above photo taken during the "mingle" evening at the Roseangle Gallery 

Dundee Contemporary Arts organized an exhibition for their print workshop users  in which Aine  exhibited a new piece.  It was an excellent show of prints and was held at the Roseangle Gallery in Dundee ( quite a nice exhibition space) .  To see photos from the event check out the event page for it, on Facebook.

Aine's latest print "Sibling"made for the Roseangle Exhibition

above the "Unravelling Signatures" display stand in the artists books exhibition area at Impact 8

In addition to being selected for inclusion in exhibitions coordinated by other delegates, Aine Scannell initiated and led a project called "Unravelling Signatures".  It had artists from Scotland, Australia, USA and Spain - the challenge was to design a print on demand book and then to transform it into an artist book / object.   If you would like to see more about this project, visit the Unravelling Signatures website

above some of the images from the born Digital project

Paul Thompson of Robert Gordon University ( PhD candidate) who visited FDPW as part of his research - presented an academic paper, a poster and a portfolio called"Born Digital".   This was  an international  digital print portfolio project, in which Aine  and 48 other artists participated.
For further information concerning the  project and to see images / list of participating artists visit the

Above images from Aine's Book (edition 15)  "Where Sleeping Birds Lie" 

Last but not least was her artists book "Where Sleeping Birds Lie"  which was selected for inclusion in an  exhibition called "Book Artist as Explorer"- this was curated by artist David Faithful.

To see more photos from the Impact 8 event - visit this link to images on Facebook

Sunday, 1 September 2013

International Printmaking Show New Zealand 2013

closing date for entries:  1 October

Art at Wharepuke – Open Submission International Print Show 2013 
The 3rd biennial Art at Wharepuke International Open Submission Print Show 
will be held from 5 December 2013 to 19 January 2014.

The first Wharepuke Print Open, held in 2009,
attracted artists from USA, NZ, Australia and Europe
with the prize of a solo show being awarded jointly
to Danielle Creenaune (Spain) and Carsten Borck (Germany)
The 2nd Wharepuke Print Open in 2011/12 featured artists from 14 different countries
and was won by Jo Giddens from New Zealand.
Jo's show in November 2013 will precede the 3rd Wharepuke Print Open.
First prize:
Solo exhibition at Wharepuke in 2014/15 at time arranged to suit,
gallery representation and artists page on gallery website
  Representation may be offered to more than one artist.
All artists selected for the exhibition will receive a full colour catalogue.

Entry fee is about £35.00  for up to 3 works

I was in the first 
Art at Wharepuke – Open Submission International Print Show 2013 

Further details with Paypal facility to pay the entry fee