Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Caroline Paterson

Well firstly I must apologize for such a long spell without  a post BUT those of you who I encounter at the print workshop will be only too well aware that I have been ploughing away at making my artists book edition.  IF and it's a big if....I ever do another artists book edition - it will be an easier format , than that which I have opted for,  with this one..............

A few weeks back I asked Caroline Paterson to send me some jpgs because she was going to be exhibiting some works in the Forth Valley Open Studios along with Fiona Clasen, at Bridge of Allan, in the Trossachs.  Fiona works using pastels and of course Caroline was exhibiting collagraphs as illustrated below:

 Unfortunately I overlooked the posting and now it has 'been and gone' !!.  Once again to Caroline - my apologies.  I am particularly cross with myself as I like to support up and coming artists (as they say) and I remember admiring  her skills using collagraphy right from the beginning when she initially joined the workshop, following undertaking an introductory course with Colin Beaumont.

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