Thursday, 16 April 2009

There's something so appealing about Paper Boats.....

which is why I made one and sent it to this, although I plan to make at least another one if not two, to send again before the deadline in August.

Make a paper boat and participate in project to support Mary Ann’s Cottage, based in Caithness.

Visit the blog
about the project which is being run by an artist from Scotland ( Joanne B Kaar) and another from New Zealand (Lynn Taylor)

You have until the 10th August 09 to post your paper boat to the project.

Paper boat fundraiser for Mary-Ann's Cottage - Caithness Scotland UK.
At the beginning of 2009, Joanne B Kaar and Lynn Taylor launched their paper boat project - a fundraiser for Mary-Ann's cottage,a living history museum in Caithness Scotland run by volunteers from The Caithness Heritage Trust (a registered Charity no: SCO 19998).
There's a link to the museums blog, on the paper boat website and I found it really engaging and spent far too long looking at various things.

As paper boats are sent to Joanne, from around the globe, she documents them on the blog.

The launch date and theme were inspired by the maiden voyage of the Westland Ship - 30th January 1879 (130 years ago) from Scotland to New Zealand. Mary-Ann's father, William Young was a member of the crew.

All boats will be exhibited in Sept 09 in Caithness Horizons.

All money from sale of boats will go to the Caithness Heritage trust to help keep Mary-Ann's cottage open for future generations.

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