Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Local Arts Organizations and Galleries (1)

I have just been visiting the creative Fife website and there is a lot of information on there concerning the activities of 'creatives' ( and those allied to them).
Take for example art galleries - I had not realized that there even was an art gallery in Dunfermline. Apparently there is !!............. It's called ARTROOM 59

which is a kind of mysterious name, I guess the owner, Ruth Walls, would be able to explain the idea behind the name?. It's a lot better than being called something typical such as eg "Frames". I can see from the 'previous exhibitions' on their website, that FDPW member, Sandra Baxter has shown there in a group exhibition but sadly as we have not seen Sandra for such a long time.......... it's not easy to explore what her experience was from the perspective of an exhibiting artist.

on further inspection I noticed that FDPW member, Clare Yarrington has also shown there so I will ask her, if her overall encounter was of a professional and satisfactory nature. Interestingly, one of my most pleasant and professional gallery experience was with my former "local gallery", in Ealing West London namely the PM Gallery, London, W5.

Well done Clare on finally getting your very own website on line - it's something many of us dream of/ strive for etc etc ....and many of us never get organized ....ho hum !!!

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