Friday, 4 December 2009

Photo Etching Masterclasses Sat 27th Feb + 6th March 2010

Fife (Dunfermline) Print Workshop, The Basement, Dell Farquharson Centre,
Nethertown Broad Street, Dunfermline KY12 7DS  email

Paul Musgrove  Photo Etching Masterclasses  Saturday 27th Feb. & 6th March 2010

Masterclasses in new intaglio techniques  10.00am – 4.00pm.

How to etch plates using  liquid roll on photopolymer emulsion.

Images can be made from photographs, digital files or from drawn artwork;  all can be etched onto the metal plate and then printed using conventional intaglio techniques.

 You will work on A5 plates (148mm x 210mm) so please make your artworks to this scale and proportions. All images should have good tonal contrast with limited mid-tones, neither too light nor too dark.

Digital techniques are extremely useful for making photo positives for photopolymer etching.  A good positive image on film (i.e. Inkjet acetate) is essential.

If you have digital files of finished artwork they should be sized appropriately for the A5 plates we will be using, as the technique relies on a contact exposure with the plate.

Bring along discs, USB sticks etc.,  with your saved artworks or bring your original artwork for scanning.

Hand drawn:  images on tracing paper can be used as can drafting film.

Images on paper can be in most media,  as long as they have good strong blacks and a range of  tones.   All drawing materials should be reasonably opaque.   If you have the facilities at home then scan the images you make and save them to disc or USB stick and bring with you.

If you are unsure what kind of artwork to bring along then please bring a good range of source material with you to work with on the day.*

Bring brushes of various shapes and sizes.
Art materials, pens, pencils, etc.


£60 (non members)

£50  (£10 discount for FDPW members) 

To ensure your place please post your cheque(s) ASAP  to:

Fife (Dunfermline) Print Workshop,
The Basement,
 Dell Farquharson Centre,
Nethertown Broad Street
KY12 7DS

or drop them in in person ASAP

The cost includes materials, use of press and tools, inks, cleaning fluids and paper.

Places are limited so reserve your place now!!!

Please feel free to contact Aine if you want to discuss which images you might use in the photo etch process with Paul.

FDPW would like to acknowledge the generous support received from The Andrew Carnegie Trust which has helped to make these Master classes possible.

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  1. he cost includes materials, use of press and tools, inks, cleaning fluids and paper.

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