Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Screen Print with Carol and Robert (Week 2)

Here are some photos from the week 2 of Robert and Carols Masterclass printmaking course .  Thanks Catherine King, for sharing your photos with us.  Looks interesting I must say.

Carol and Robert shared their extensive knowledge on screen printing with gouaches, acrylics, watercolours, process colours, organic pigment pastes, pigments and a range of artists materials such as varnishes, thickener, retarders and screenprinting paste. 

Carol showed participants how to use stencils to the maximum, how to do washes with filler and how best to use screen painting fluid.   Different types of paper stencil, light sensitive stencils and reversals were also explored. 

Preparing and degreasing screens, applying stencils, cross-linking theory, registration and printing on different substrates, as well as cleaning meshes were also covered.

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