Sunday, 17 January 2010

Convert an image, for use as a positive, in photo etching

Please click  H E R E  to go to a recent post on Aines blog re how to prepare and then convert an image to bitmap output, for use as a positive, in photo etching.  It is also applicable to outputting positives for exposure on the light box for use in screen print making.


  1. Love these icebears !
    Have been following you for some time , and love your work !

    I would loved to be in your printmaking studio !
    I have bougt me a press, and me and a collega artist
    have bought us stuff for
    photopolymer ...

  2. Cool! thanks for the heads up. I was working on a project and I need the images turned onto a bitmap image. I never thought that I can do that from Ms Paint. There are online tutorials about pictures too and I was wondering if you could post a video tutorial on how to convert images so that I can show it to my students?

    Image Convert

  3. Please contact me at for even better steps for creating a positive for photo etch. We have done a course more recently with Paul Musgrove and I have not had time to post it as of yet.