Thursday, 14 January 2010

Lahti Miniprint FINLAND 2010

I mentioned to a few people while at the print workshop over the past couple of weeks YES PEOPLE HAVE BEEN COMING IN -  DESPITE THE BIG SNOW that I would post some information  here about this triennial print competition, exhibition.  I have been in it one time ...., the second time I didn't get selected - having my works completely the wrong size ( I misinterpreted the size  guidelines) didn't help but you don't always get selected for these things in any event.

They do a very nice exhibition and excellent catalog so I feel it's worthwhile taking the trouble to submit works.

Here's a couple of images from when the event was last held.   All kinds of techniques are included and they seem to have a fairly broad mind, as to what they will select.

Paper size is 30 x 35 cm

image size 17 x 20 cm

Up to 3 prints can be submitted.

Entry fee is  40 Euros which is £35.50 as the currency rate,  currently stands ( it used to be about  half of the equivalent sterling rate, eek !!)

For more information and entry form click HERE

oh most important

DEADLINE  15th May 2010

Further information: email

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