Sunday, 16 January 2011

"Wanderings " Clare Yarrington at the Smith Art Gallery, Stirling

Clares latest solo exhibition is now open to the public and will run until the 13th March.

above detail from "Passing By"

Clare  will be talking about her work in the gallery on Wednesday 19th January at noon. Everyone welcome, admission free.

The work in this exhibition  is built on the pieces she made for the JD Fergusson Arts Award that Clare won in 2009. It has been developed further and also there are some earlier related  pieces.

"My theme then was of a journey through the landscape: a walk down from the hills to the sea, along the shore to rocky cliffs and a climb back up to the wide moor above. 
Over the last year I have continued to work on certain aspects of this theme, in particular looking more intimately at the rock itself. The series 'Disconnections' and 'Coils' show climbing ropes becoming embedded in the rock like fossils; while some of the climbing figures, which appear to be dancing up the surface of the rock/paper, are gradually being absorbed and becoming as one with the rock. 

'Wandering' also includes some earlier pictures that reflect on this theme: they are of other places and other times."

I love this quote from Clare  "My wanderings have never been in straight lines."
This sounds like a good opportunity to get a real grasp of the artists concerns and intentions.

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