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Gallery on the Fife Dunfermline Printmakers website

This is how it looks at present - pretty good I think BUT it would be good to have  more recent artworks by the membership.  The prints that you have been making since about 2 years ago which is when the images on the site were uploaded.  Members who have work on there at present include

Clare Yarrington                   Peter Kirley           Bill Mc Kechnie               Susan M. C. Smith

Mary Fairgrieve                    Thora Clyne          Colin Beaumont                Sheila Carnduff

I am going to refer to the gallery page of member Angela Heidemann as an example of what is needed for either your new page or your update.

TEXT for your Gallery page

Members are free to put some text onto their gallery page which enables visitors to get a sense of their inspiration, motivation, including e.g.,  technical interests and so on and so forth .  There is also the opportunity to give a brief biography or present a fuller Curriculum Vitae,   if this is what they prefer.

However if you put too much information on your page which probably applies to member Scannells page - then when the visitor goes through to the gallery to see images - unfortunately they are just confronted with a load of text and may not bother scrolling further down the screen....!!

So do bear that in mind -

Now.........I have done a rough calculation and something of the order of

11 to 15 lines of text in a Microsoft Word doc or on an email page at normal reading size is a good 'amount'  to aim for.

IMAGES  for your Gallery page

Please send image files  that are ‘saved for web’ using Photoshop.  You may send up to 10 images. 

These need to be -  72 dpi. (pixels per inch) and saved at medium quality.

Images should be  about 15 cm (height) x 18 cm (width) cm -  or as close as possible to that.
Include title, media, edition (if applicable)

Please send a " list of art works"  either typed directly into  an email 
or saved as a Microsoft Word. doc

File should be named as per the following example 


Below is  an example of how your list of works should be presented:


Aine Scannell                List of works 

No       Title                                 Media                                    Paper size      Image Size        Edition          

1.        Brer Rabbit                       Drypoint on Hahnemuhle             50 x 70 cm     35 x 55 cm        a/p  

           file name:  1_ainescannell_brerrabbit.jpg

2.        Riding Hoods Bad Hair Day   Lithograph + digital chine colle     40 x 40 cm     25 x 25 cm        12

           file name:  1_ainescannell_ridehood_badhair.jpg

PLEASE remember to keep file names saved in lower case  i.e. Do not  use capital letters as this can adversely affect the HTML or CSS computer code that makes the website function.


These can be new ones if you wish to update your images

Or  if you are currently NOT in the gallery then just send up to 10 images.

Send images by 30th May please


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