Sunday, 20 September 2009

Angela and Billy study printmaking at FDPW

Angela (who's second name escapes me for the time being) and her chum Billy Justice attend the FDPW print workshop every Tuesday, along with their support worker Maria Ginnerup.
I am not too sure how long they have been coming to the workshop but certainly for the amount of time that I have been a member which is about almost two and a half years now.

These are sketches,  for development into print work.  They  were all  that M.G.  had available,  to let me scan in, as regards the printmaking works that theAngela and Billy have created to date.

I do know they have made lino cuts and collagraphs but am not too sure which other techniques  have been explored yet.

I also know that their works have been in a couple of exhibitions over the past couple of years.

Billy is a great fan of the  BBC television series  "Doctor Who" and somehow manages to eventually link all matters back to the subject, much to our amazement during conversations that take place  on Tuesday mornings. 

Some of his drawings are derived from images to do with the series or to cut outs from magazines that he brings with him to work from, as a starting point.

  I hope to add to this post once I am able to photograph more of their works and perhaps to talk to them about the images and what they enjoy about coming to FDPW to make art in print.


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