Friday, 18 September 2009

FOLKSY DOT COM website for selling "handmade items"

I came across this website yesterday

They sell all sorts on there although the underlying principle is that it all be handmade.
which I thought might be of interest.  It's like the  UK version of Etsy, which I have mentioned to some of you, at the print workshop although some of you may be quite aware of it, in any event

I have just been looking again at the printmaking section  on Folksy, which is within the 'art and photography' section and found three peoples' works to place here, as a representation of what can be found there.

Firstly I came across the "Flying Fish Boy"  which for some reason I found appealing.  It's by Alan Rogerson who is an illustrator and also does lino cuts.  The price of his prints, is incredibly cheap although they are small but even so.  It may be that he wants to build up a fan base as such and to get plenty of sales onto his profile.
See more about Alan's world, on his website
 which has links to his blog too.

Then there was the fishing huts print which I rather liked (the mark making) by Alison Deed, she made these from sketches from a recent Scandinavian holiday.

She is an archaeoligist and a mum and when she has time........ she enjoys making prints.

This print is by , Sarah Spooner and Jon Gregory,  who  go under the name of "Lapwing Printworks" .  They seem truly passionate about printmaking and letterpress and have quite an interesting blog too.

In my opinion Folksy,  could do with a lot more interesting and varied printmakers on there.  
Unfortunately there are people on there selling 'reproductions' which is OK in itself except that these also  get "lumped" under the generic label "print".

If I was going to sell on Folksy, I would want them to put the category "Original Print" on there with an explanation of the difference between reproduction and original printmaking.


I checked out the deal from the perspective of potential sellers.

It costs 20p to list an item on Folksy and they charge 5% commission on all sales. 

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