Saturday, 17 October 2009

Glynis Porter, recent M.A. printmaking Graduate

I came across this artist who recently graduated from London Print studios M.A. course in printmaking and professional practice, which they run in collaboration with Brighton University.  It's been going for about five years now.
The most recent batch have taken the smart step of setting up a website documenting the work from their final show. 
This was something that would have been a good step for my Masters group to have taken but that was in 1994 and I guess none of us were web savvy at the time
There was loads of fantastic artworks ( paintings and prints)  and being as it was held at Winchester school of art, it probably didn't get as much of an audience, as it deserved.  

We had all just returned from a very expensive year of living in Barcelona where the course was based and we could just about afford the catalogue.  in fact some people didn't even participate in the publication.  

I remember using a computer from around the early 1980's but that was while I was on a course and then we were just using it for word processing.  I found that experience useful, in that it helped me to get part time work when I was a student.  I was supposed to be  helping this wonderful old friend, to write up his manuals for medical equipment.  In fact the building we worked in Finsbury park, in North London is now an artists studio building, where a friend of mine,Lesley Davy, now owns a studio.  

I have had my own computer fairly well since about  1989 although I can't remember exactly when we got connected to the internet. That was when I hooked up with my partner, C, who's an architect ( and so computer savvy, which was very helpful to me, as at that time I was still struggling with learning Photoshop). Maybe it was the early 1990's. 
Anyway as is often the case I digress.  The website where you can check out the printmakers group I mentioned above is

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