Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Master class in Safer Printmaking ( sign up ASAP if you are interested !! )

There's a notice on the notice board at the  print workshop, that Steve put up ( a few days ago).   I saw him working on it,  on the computer screen, in the office.  
I think he wanted to get it up on the notice board, so that people could begin to find out about it.  
It would seem that the people attending the Monoprint master class last Friday which was lead, by Kate Downie, indeed did see it,  as some of them have signed up, already.

Steve was  just about to head off to spend a few days in Switzerland, visiting relatives.  Hope he has a good time as he has been ill all of last week, with a virus.

I was talking to Thora Clyne, yesterday ( good to see her back after a few weeks away from the workshop) about these upcoming classes with Carol and Robert, saying to her, that we ought to notify members. 

Then she said “Look here, it’s up on the wall and already some people have put their names down”.  I hadn't realized it was already up on the notice board.   Eeek I thought, Oh my goodness, I have just got to get my name on there, to get a place on these courses.  
I had not realized that Steve had managed to get that done before he went off on his trip.    

The Master classes that I am referring to, are those which Carol  Robertson and Robert Adam will be leading.  

As you may or may not be aware their approach to printmaking is on the basis of incorporating as many non toxic interventions as possible.    

You may be aware also that they were involved in the instigation/ research and development, of the range of Lascaux, safer non toxic products for printmaking.

See their book "Intaglio" for more information on this and all matters concerning contemporary printmaking practice in this respect.  I (Aine) have had this book for over  a year now and I highly recommend it.

It's gone down in price from when I bought it - I think it was about £25 -30, back then !!! (bah!!)

Incidentally, most of the Lascaux printmaking product range are now  stocked by Intaglio printmakers suppliers in London.

You might also want to check out the Lascaux web site for info about the range of products.


Costs for the workshops are £60  (£50 for members).

Week one    Saturday  14th    November  10 – 4.

Screen Printing

Week 2     Saturday   28th  November  10 – 4.

Preparing positives for screen print using Lascaux acrylic etch products and other materials  (these positives can also be used for photo etching).

NOTE There will be a Master class on 'photo etching' (2 sessions) in February 2010 (next year).  These will be lead by Paul Musgrove, who has been recommended to us, by Alfons Bytautas,  senior etching technician at Edinburgh Print workshop.

Week 3    Saturday  5th December   10 – 4.

Collagraph; using the Lascaux acrylic etch product range amongst  other materials.

Week 4   Saturday  12th December  10 – 4.

Acrylic Etch 

using Lascaux acrylic etch, products and other materials. 

These workshops will be in the form of 'demonstrations' as opposed to practical hands on workshops.

So put your name down on the notice board at the workshop if you want to do any of these sessions.

FDPW would like to acknowledge the generous support received from The Andrew Carnegie Trust which has helped to make these Master classes possible.

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