Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Black Church Print Studio Open closing date 14th Nov 2009

Call for submissions—deadline 16 Nov 2009. Black Church Print Studio Open Submission & Invited Exhibition 2010, curated by Oliver Dowling, John Graham & Margaret O'Brien

Exhibition Brief
 "The visible often seems paramount in the workings of human perception, especially in the modern technological world where what we see increasingly dominates the texture of our experience. We might consider the invisible to be the opposite of the visible, or perhaps as a transparent overlapping or hidden substrate of the visible world:

The ‘Invisible' is an open submission exhibition and invites all forms of art and art practice for consideration, including visual, sound, temporal and performance based works. The exhibition will take place in February 2010 and will be sited in several locations around Dublin city.
 Artists are invited to submit proposal-based works and/or existing works. Site-specific proposals may detail a particular site as listed or propose an alternative site. Artists may consider using their own studios and/or sites other than conventional exhibition spaces. Accessibility must be outlined and confirmed in the case of an alternative site being proposed. Artists might also consider restricted accessibility in relation to the context of the work.
Participating venues include Original Print Gallery, Curiosity Cabinet, The Back Loft c/o La Catedral Studios, Digital Hub Development Agency. The Curators may identify additional locations depending on proposals received.

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